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Change DPI + Permanent "Market Compatibility Fix" for Changing DPI - Cherry Mobile W500 Titan

1st of all, credit goes to XDA Member hamsteyr for making the software and files in XDA Thread: "some text has been copied from his thread"

This has been tested by me (Ares Escudero), in CM Stock Rom v9, Cassini v1 and v2 Rom. Thus, I Made a more user-friendly Guide. Use these at your own risk, I assure you that it fully worked on my device, but I do not own responsibility if you did something wrong, so follow the steps carefully.

For a Full Set of Images, please visit his Tread:


Purpose of the Guide/Tutorial:

- To make your Google Play view all compatible apps with a custom DPI of your choice (A common problem is INCOMPATIBILITY when you change DPI)

- A "Permanent" Fix to DPI-Market Issue. I've tried almost all fixes for DPI, but the problem is that, it won't "stick", meaning, after a few phone reboot/restarts, the market will be back to it's non-compatible state. And you have to do the fix all over again. With this guide, it's permanent


What is DPI?

- DPI refers to the number of pixels present per inch of display screen. The technically correct term is "PPI" or pixels per inch, but DPI is commonly used instead. A display setting of 1280 x 1024 has 1.3 million pixels on the screen, while a setting of 800 x 600 has 480,000, or less than half the resolution of the higher setting. With fewer pixels, the picture will not have the clarity that can be achieved with a higher saturation. Each dot or pixel reflects a certain color and brightness. The greater the number of pixels, the more detailed the picture can be. More pixels also require more memory, and it can take longer to "paint" images, depending on the system's video card, processor and other components. 

In simple terms in your mobile Phone, it will make icons, text, menus Smaller, thus, making "more room" for your screen to view items/icons/menus :) 

- Important, Make sure you're using unaltered stock versions of Google Play Store and Google Service Framework to avoid problems. In short, UNTOUCHED playstore files 

- Important, Do not delete anything in the Root Files Directory (System), just follow the guide


Requirements & DOWNLOADS

-> A PC (Any Windows 7 OS preferably)
-> Rooted Titan
-> Micro USB cable to hook your device into your PC
-> USB drivers for your device (required for ADB installing)
----- Install Moborobo (use google search), and MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers---- VCOM Driver link:

-> USB Debug Mode enabled on your device (Settings -> Developer Options)
-> Java Runtime Environment installed on your PC (Install Latest JAVA in your PC)
-> Google Play DPI Fix Tool by hamsteyr: Download Here:



 1. Boot to recovery and make a CWM/TWRP Back-up (This is VERY important, since you need to advance restore system when something goes wrong)

2. Install a File Manager that can change files in root (system/app), I'll be using "ES File Explorer" (downloadable from Playstore for free, or google search for the APK)

3. In ES File Explorer, go to options -> settings -> Root Settings -> check root explorer, up to root, and mount file system.. Exit Settings.

4. Go to "System/App/", scroll find the file "Play.apk", copy it anywhere on your phone, then rename the copied file as "Phonesky.apk", copy the renamed file back to the directory "System/App/", once copied, hold the file, a menu will appear, then scroll to the buttom and press Properties. A pop-up menu will appear, in Permission, press "change", then set the permission like this:

User ✓-✓-□
Group ✓-□-□
Other ✓-□-□

Then press Ok.

5. Exit ES File Explorer, and plug the phone to your PC via USB (make sure all drivers are installed properly)

6. Open the application, select 240 - HDPI in the dropdown box

7. In the box "Select a New DPI for your Device", enter your DPI of choice, from "161-240 " (Above and below that value will give UI Error). Recommended DPI values are 190, 170, and 161 (smallest)

8. Make sure the light on your phone is on (just press power button to turn on the light of the phone), then press START in the application

9. Wait for it to finish, and the app will REBOOT your phone. Be Patient :)

PS: If you encounter error such as cannot find Phonesky.apk or Googleservicesframework.apk, make sure that your Phone Lights are ON in the process, and make sure you've installed ALL DRIVERS (as posted above)

10. DONE.. Enjoy your DPI with Full Market Compatibility ;) .. Test the playstore by searching Angry Birds, Viber, Facebook, and Firefox.

PS: If you encounter "Server Error", reboot the phone. If still not working, remove account in Settings -> Accounts & Sync -> click your email -> press options key -> remove account -> reboot phone, then login to playstorePS: If you still encounter Error, boot via CWM, then clear Dalvik Cache

Enjoy your DPI with Full Market Compatibility ;)
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