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How to Transfer Data between Android Phones

1)  Install AppBak, Call Logs Backup & Restore and SMS Backup & Restore app from Google Play in both units.  
a)  Backup data using the 3 apps in Android Phone #1.  
b)  Copy the 3 backup files from Android Phone #1 into the same 3 subdirectories in your Android Phone #2.  
c)  Restore backup files in your Android Phone #2 using the 3 apps.

2)  Look for the app that contains your contacts/phone numbers.
a)  Export your contacts in the Android Phone#1 using the People/Contacts app.  
b)  Copy export file into same subdirectory in Android Phone #2 and import the same file using the Adroid Phone #2's People/Contacts app.  
Good luck! :)
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