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[How To] Proper way of decompiling/recompiling/compiling APK via APKmanager 5.0.2

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Apkmanager 5.0.2

First let us have a little knowledge on how apkmanager works (on my own words) ApkManager is a script/software use to compile/recompile/decompile apk's for modifying layouts strings and other stuffs that you can do inside the apk .. in short it will open the apk for modifying .. Once Apk is decompiled , you can now modify it the way you want .. but dont ever dare to mess up with wrong input of codes and strings because i am telling you .. you will be annoyed of FC's :)) now let us start(Let us assume that you know how to edit XML's and Smali's)1. Open the apkmanager folder ..
2. Put the Apk file you want to modify on "place-apk-here-for-modding" folder
3. Open the "script"
4. Set the apk to modify by selecting option "22" (Set Current Project)
5. Now it will decompile your apk. You can see it now on "Projects" folder
6. Minimize the script
7. From the "Projects" folder , Do the stuffs/modifications you want
8. If you are done modifying , re-open the "script"
9. Press option "11" (Compile Apk)
10. There should be no Error when compiling the apk
11. First, The script will ask a couple of questions but just answer it "y" then STOP for awhile ..
12. From the apkmanager folder you will now see there the "Keep" folder from there, you will see the unmodified files of your apk .. Delete those XML's you edited .. and also "Resources.arsc"
13. Get back to the script and press enter ..
14. Now you will see your re-built apk on "place-apk-here-for-modding" folder .. Rename it and delete "unsigned"

IMPORTANT:There comes a time that the XML/Smalis you edited arent on "Keep" Folder .. Like when you edited some files inside "Values" and "Smali" Folder .. This folders arent visible on "Keep" folder .. If this thing happened .. Just delete "Classes.dex" Together with "Resources.arcs" .. Then build the apk ..

Ok now you know how to use apkmanager huh 

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