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Does DOJ Sec. De Lima doing her job right? ( An INC Point of View )

It all started when the group of Angel Manalo, Joy Yuson, Isaias Samson Jr., Roel Rosal and others uploaded a video on You Tube maliciously claiming that Angel Manalo and his family are in danger; and posted on the window of Angel's Residence a message: Tulong, Hostage Kami. THIS WAS ADMITTED BY ANGEL AS FALSE. THEY DELIBERATELY FOOLED THE PUBLIC.

The same group held the Sanggunian responsible for the so-called 10 MISSING MINISTERS. De Lima did not bother to press the group to name those 10 alleged missing ministers.

The group spread the rumors that ministers like Brothers Arnel Tumanan, Jojo Nemis, and Nolan Olarte were abducted. This rumor hurt the feelings of INC members. De Lima did not investigate the truthfulness of the group's allegations.

Here came Isaias Samson Jr. who claimed to have been illegally detained. But the irony is, he was able to "escape" upon disguising to attend the worship service - a story very contrary to a state of being illegally detained.

Yet, De Lima swallowed all the poisons of Samson et. al., forgetting entirely the lies that the group of Samson spread, which hurt the faithful members.

Instead of making them liable for their fooling the people, the police, the media and the NBI, De Lima rather accepted those liars 'with open arms.'

photo credit:inquirer.net
Further, De Lima harbored them through the Witness Protection Program even no case was ever filed yet. Of course, she is using the money of the government for this.

De Lima set aside pressing issues in the country, like justice for Mamasapano incident and she, herself, facilitated the filing of false accusations by Samson whose credibility is in question. DO THESE PEOPLE DESERVE MORE ATTENTION THAT THE MAMASAPANO VICTIMS?

It is our firm resolve that De Lima should not use the public funds for harboring people who fooled the entire country; and that De Lima should focus on the pressing problems of the country like justice for Mamasapano victims and not on the lies of Samson, et.al.

In the face of these truths, can you really say that you're just doing your job? Secretary of Justice, are you being just?
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