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INC Rally is very ironic ( An INC Outsiders View )

What the INC does is obviously HARASSMENT! They hold up banners saying "Defend the separation of Church and State", but what does it have to do with the case being filed by the former Pastor of the INC against the INC Council for kidnapping and illegal detention

There is a separation of power between the government and the religion but it dosent mean the religion doesn't covered by the laws of the government...If there is a serious illegal detention then there is a violation of bill of Right Article 3 sec 2 one person shall be deprive of life , liberty , property without the due process of the law no person shall be denied the equal protection of the law...this article covers all even the Iglesia ni Cristo so i do believe there must be an investigation from a higher persona to avoid concealment of the truth

Is this judiciary bullying? No. It seems that INC thinks that they are untouchable because of their political influence, and can afford to do this conceited and pretentious action against the DOJ.
Who do you think you are to be exempted from our judicial system? The issue at hand is clearly not covered by the separation of the church and state.

Obviously this is an initiative of just a few officers of INC because most of the rally participants do not even know what they are rallying for, but was just asked to attend.    And what about these epal politicians riding on the issue? tsk! tsk!
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