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15 Simple Ways to Save Some Battery Life

      Here' my list of 15 Simple Ways to Save Battery Life (Just my Opinion + Research)
  1. Always use power saving mode. (Drop down menu>Power Saver)
  2. Dark themes/wallpaper reduces light generation.No live wallpaper.
  3. Lower the brightness or put it on automatic.
  4. Use less effects (unlock fx, page fx, swipe fx, etc)
  5. Lessen your screen time out (yung autolock kapag di gngamit/idle)
  6. Full charge your unit.
  7. Do not use while charging (unless needed).
  8. Install battery optimizer app (e.g. 2x battery, battery doctor, etc... -your choice)
  9. Limit your start-up apps to avoid them from running in background.
  10. Close all open apps before you go idle/lock (long press menu button to see the open apps and slide left or right the open apps that you want to close).
  11. Minimize the amount of widget on your homescreen, especially apps that relies on internet updates such as news, fb, etc. (as per your needs).
  12. Close Wifi, Mobile data, bluetooth and other features when not in use (gps, air gesture, smart features, etc).
  13. Kung may laptop/desktop computer ka, dun ka nlng mag-internet/download (unless play.google.com or other internet-to-phone process activity/vice versa), Cellphones are built with internet access feature but not for full Internet purposes.
  14. Stop using/Rest your phone if you feel that the battery is hot (during game, net, video etc.). You might end up destroying your beloved battery or worst your unit.
  15. Use optimal Settings for Camera, the bigger the resolution is, the greater the battery consumption and the file size, same concept/effect on digital cameras. I'm using 6-Megapixels at the moment. (Pang FB upload at edits lang naman).
Disclaimer: Methods mentioned above are as per my personal opinion and use, try it at your own risk. 
-I do not take any responsibility if your phone will burn, explode, snatched, fell or bricked or will not be the same as you expected. So far my phone is still ok... goodluck! :)
P.S. You can add your own tips and tricks on the comment section below. Thanks!
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