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[FIX] Stock Camera Issues Fix via CWM

Do you experience camera issues? "Can't connect to camera?" "Missing front/back camera?" Camera isn't working when using *#36#? Camera working since day 1 then suddenly having issues?

Tired of your temporary fix/es like Rebooting? Removing and replacing your battery/sdcard? Reinstalling your Camera.apk? Or even restoring your stock camera app via TB? Or worse like, doing hard format/reset or even reflashing your rom/image? Camera works one moment then gone another, then "temporarily fixing" it again and again? -Cause I have done all of these to no avail.

Fortunately, I have found a way to fix these issues. Though I am not entirely sure what caused the problem (I think it's in our pre-loaded stock camera app) but I can finally share this "fix" as I have already been observing this for 4 days now.

DISCLAIMER: It worked for me, and I sincerely hope that this guide will also work for you. And, I am not, in any way, related to the authors of these apps, nor got paid for promoting them. Also I am not responsible for any damages this may have cause your phone to malfunction, or your GF/BF breaking up with you because your alarm didn't set off and you missed your date, or any potential wars that may arise by using these apps. 

Btw, I don't use any 3rd party camera app/s since day 1, cause I am completely satisfied with the stock ICS camera.


For those who have CWM installed, you may skip step 1 and proceed to step 2. 

1. Install CWM for Karbonn A9+/Cherry Mobile Flare
Further instruction on installing CWM details should be followed here:

a. Download zxzCameraMod.zip attached file bottom of first post -> here:

b.Save zxzCameraMod.zip at the root of your Internal Storage (the one with 2.56gb storage in your phone, not sdcard)

HOLD YOUR HORSES! Please follow the exact steps posted, as a single wrong move can pontentially damage or even brick your phone. Unless you're already familiar with custom recoveries, no worries then :))

3. Reboot to recovery: Power off your phone, hold volup+power button UNTIL red screen with small recovery text appears (about 12-15 secs, after the green screen aka fastboot mode).

Volume up is Back
Volume down is scroll down
Power Key is SELECT

a. select " install zip from sdcard"
b. select "choose zip from sdcard"
c. you should now see zxzCameraMod.zip, select it
d. select "Yes - Install zxzCameraMod.zip"
e. Wait for it to finish installing.
f. vol up -> reboot.

4. Test your new stock camera (front and back) app via *#36#, or the app itself.

NOTE: With about 4 days of observation since I started having camera issues, used Skype to test,then third time to use the app, I experienced issues again (no front camera). I Reflashed the zip, tested over and over again, around 8-10 times with Skype, but this time I properly closed the Skype app using its own exit option, no issues since then. Advise: if it is in any way possible to properly close similar or any 3rd party apps that utilizes our camera, please do so to avoid reflashing again. This may or may not happen to you, but at least let's be on the safer side.

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