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How To Avoid Facebook Messages Virus

Have you receive a link in your chat box in facebook lately?
or a smiley faces without messages?

Well better tell your facebook friend if he/she sends you the link personally because if not your facebook friend account is compromise by a virus that infect the facebook now.

How to avoid on being a victim of this malicious Facebook virus code:

1.Avoid clicking on unknown links. ex: external links that automatically downloads executable file or .exe extensions.

2.Don't allow apps that aks you an authorization in behalf of your account if you're not sure about the apps functionality.

3.Dont download video plugins if the links has a video teaser and ask you to download a plugin,it might be a virus.if you trust the origin of the video and you acknowledge that your laptop or pc does not have that plugin installed yet then proceed.

4.Avoid Windows computers if possible.
The New York Times' Bits Blogs details how a 6-year-old virus called Zeus is all over Facebook right now.
and it target on Windows operating machine.

The facebook viruses right now is so sophisticated that even me once a victim of this. I unknowingly click a message sent to me by a friend. I thought it was a video chat plugin and she wants to have a video call with me but after i click it and install,nothing happens and the browser cannot browse with https:// protocol  that i set on my facebook account so i know that it turned out to be that i have installed a malware
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