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Modify the maximum output volume of your Omega HD

For those who want to make their Cherry Mobile Omega HD volume and audio sounds louder.

Requires Engineer Mode access, either via code input or Mobile Uncle MTK Tools

*Rooting is required for Mobile Uncle Tools*

(*#*#3646633#*#* code Access to MTK Enginner mode bypasses rooting requirement)

*Warning - Damage could occur to the speaker units, or your ears when you try to exceed the stock maximum output *

*Nahihinaan ka parin sa 3.5mm output? Bili ka ng amplifier... FiiO brand marami at mura lang, wag pilitin yung output ng OHD*

Step 1 - Acquire Mobile Uncle MTK Tools, install, allow for root...yadda yadda yadda

Step 2 - Open Mobile Uncle, select Engineer Mode, then select Engineer Mode (MTK)

Step 3 - Scroll to Hardware Testing and select Audio

Step 4 - Choose Either Normal / Headset / Loudspeaker Modes and find the Max Vol. Value, change to any desired maximum output volume, press SET

Optional :
At "Volume is" 0~255, you can specify the amount of steps each press of the volume up / down volume, proportional to the Max Volume value.

There is a dependent and unique value you should SET for every Level.

Eg :

Level 0 = (Any) it's mute
Level 1 = 100
Level 6 = 255 for maximum output at the maximum volume setting
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