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How To Increase Flare 2x Performance Significantly

Unleash the real performance of your cherry mobile flare 2x. 
  • This doesn't really increase the performance of your phone. This is just disabling the auto-underclock feature of your phone. The phone automatically lowers the clock speed of it's CPU and GPU when it gets hot. Sometimes locking your phone at 1008 mhz, 700 mhz and worse at 480 mhz which obviously lowers the performance of your phone (That is why you get low results on antutu benchmark).
  • Do not play games or use your phone heavily while charging. If possible, turn off your phone while charging or do not use it at all. The phone gets super hot when you use it heavily while charging. This is just to ensure our safety, we don't want exploding phones, right?
  • You can use any cpu control apps like "no-frills cpu control" to save battery life. Our phone can run smoothly even at maximum clock speed of 700 mhz and conservative governor.
  1. Phone must be rooted
  2. Root explorer
  1. Open root explorer and go to /system/etc
  2. Find thermald-8x25q-msm2-msm_therm.conf and rename it to thermald-8x25q-msm2-msm_therm.bak
  3. Reboot your phone.

I will not be held responsible for any damages to your phone. This is for the people like me who are performance hungry. 

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