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A way to decongest Metro Manila traffic

The current administration's action to immediately implement corrective measures is exactly the right way to force the stakeholders to sit down in the negotiation table and resolve their concerns.

In order to effect required changes that need immediate solutions, immediate action is necessary.

The comment of PISTON to have prior "intensive studies and public consultations" has been an old toll used by transport operators to delay important changes as intensive studies and debates are just delaying tactics of operators to prolong implementation.

The government is trying to find measures to correct the traffic problem and they have identified that traffic congestion has been greatly caused by too much vehicles plying the EDSA road, more than what the roads can accomodate.

Operators are always expected to have the easy way out and to bargain to keep their business healthy at the expense of the riding public.

For years, the transport group had remained an influential sector primarily because of their clout to hostage the government with transport strike whenever their business is affected. Also most of the big companies have connections not only with government regulators but have the political connections as well. that is why political will to enforce changes is important.

With this move,the government is on top of the situation.

The public might feel the inconvenience in a short while but commuters can find alternative ways to get to their destination.
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