Some years ago the Department of Defense in the US made a study of soldier and their food preferences to see if there was a relationship between food likes and personality traits. Their month long study proved some fascinating correlations between food and personality.

Meat-eaters are enthusiastic, likes action and enjoy selling themselves, ideas and projects. This among other things, was the finding of the US Department of Defense when they made the study.

Those who prefer fish, fruits and vegetables tend to enjoy books, music and art in their recreation time. they are not highly competitive and tend to be shy in social situations.

Salad-eaters are fast moving types, speaking and moving faster than those in other groups. They are also generally more sympathetic and willing to listen to problems of their friends and associates.

Those fond of dairy products - milk, yogurt, ice cream - may be showing through food, a basic insecurity in their personality structure. Choosing their foods indicate a desire to return to childhood.

And those who like desserts above all else make excellent officer types. The study showed that desserts eaters are usually like to dominate in any situation.

So what is your own food preferences?
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