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How to change DPI from 240 to 170DPI - Cherry Mobile Titan

  • ROOTED Phone
  • CWM Flash Recover
  • CWM Backup Or TWRP Backup

  1. you need to backup your original state , which is 240dpi via CWM or TWRP
  2. download this 2 tools (ROM Toolbox and LCD Modder Pro)
  3. Open LCD Modder pro and click Fix Market Compatibility Issues
  4. on the [2] select XHDPI - 320
  5. Download both [3] Modded Play Store and [4] Modded GSF
  6. click [6] Kill Play Store
  7. on the [5] select the two files you have download
  8. install mods
  9. reboot
  10. after reboot check
  11. check play store it will show server error
  12. restart and boot via CWM clear, cache,dalkin, data/default
  13. restore your backup then reboot
  14. check again play store it will still be server error , it's ok
  15. goto ROM toolbox and click build.prop editor
  16. click + and click predefined properties then choose ro.sf.lcd_density
  17. and change property value to 170 
  18. reboot
  19. viola! you have now a working 170dpi and play store be sure to check if all version of angry birds are showing to verify
  20. congratulations!
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