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How to Backup Everything(Nandroid)

What is this?
Friends, This is process is called a Nandroid Backup it creates a backup of your currentROM including Apps,Messages,Contacts, Settings etc.

Why do I need to do this?
  • If you are habbitualy flashing new Roms to try or test  but you still want to revert back to your old Rom without losing any data such as the metioned above.
  • Bootloops, Force close errors or other errors from android processes because you changed something in your build.prop etc.
  • Your bf/gf restored factory settings or performed master reset on your phone coz he/she is pissed at you :)

What are the Requirements?
vM00CWMv3f.zip is a custom CWM developed by vM00 so that you can perform backups and restore even from the SDCARD. :Link

*This solution works as long as your phone can boot into recovery mode. If you can't Odinmight be the only way to restore your phone's function.

1. Download the file above and save to internal SD.
2. Turn off your phone and boot into recovery(3button combo)
3.Apply Update from sdcard then choose vM00CWMv3f.zip
4. Backup and restore --> Backup to External sdcard(backup can also be saved on Internal SD but for safety measures as master reset also wipes your Internal SD do it on Externall).
5. This takes 3-5 minutes depending on your ROM size and the number of apps installed.
6.When you want to restore just boot into CWM recovery again and restore from external/internal sd.

1.Sir does this backup EVERYTHING? Yes, from experience I performed Mastery Reset, My phone experienced bootloops,flashed different roms and I was still able to restore my Old ROm including apps,settings,messages,contacts etc.

2. I have titanuim backup why would I need to use this? The available cracked TBPRO in the internet is an old version and I can't make it restore properly :( but TBPRO can be used to extract specific files from your NANDROID backup such as specific apps into your new rom.

3.I've been doing this for quite some time and I don't need this Guide. My apologies, this guide was intended for newbies such as myself.

4. Sir I already have a functioning CWM why do I need to Download this new one?The Old CWM which you have fails in restoring backups. The new one is Better and It has new features.

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