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Simple Tips for Galaxy Pocket battery can last a long time

Here's my Simple tips on how to save battery on Samsung Galaxy Pocket

1. Turn off Live Wallpaper.
Live wallpaper does look beautiful but it would be draining the battery

2. Choose a color wallpaper dark / black
black will require a flow of energy is smaller than the bright colors.
  3. Choose a color theme of dark Launcher / black.
  4. Select display lighting level of the lowest.

5. Use as little as possible Homescreen
The more homescreen will overload the processor and ram.

6. Use the widget minimum (choose who is considered the most important)
more and more widgets will be more applications that run in the background, so it will spend much ram which will end up to battery power as well.
  7. Non Enable all animations.

8. Use 2G services (3G off)
Mobile is always looking for continuous network, if we're not in a good mobile phone network will put its energy to always look for the network. (Eg in a very remote rural areas)

9. Still nothing to do with point 8
Mobile put in place where the signal is received well interchangeable. if the very low signal strength is better positioned on the flight mode.

10.try to use aplication which has a black background.
Example: chat -> Trillian
browsing -> UC browser (night mode)
Facebook -> TweetDeck
sms -> hancentsms (with a black theme)
explorer -> astro / root explorer
etc. ..

11.more selective in which if the installed application will run in the background.

12.Non Enable Auto sync on the application or minimize the time interval in sync.
maybe a 15 minute interval is usually used in setting to 1 hour or even longer.
  13.Turn off GPS, WIFI and bluetooth when not needed.

14.Turn Off vibration profile and reduce the ringing sound.
Vibrating ring and the large volume clearly requires considerable energy. But what if we need a vibration at certain moments? during the field work for example. but at home while we certainly do not need the vibrate or loud noises. Automate the solution is just to install the Auto Switch Profile,

15.turn off internet data connection when not needed.
By installing APNdroid, Or Juice Defender (free in the market) but I personally recommend installing the Green Power Premium to really want to save battery! (Try looking on the black market)
lightweight but complete application. with this application we can set how many minutes / hours to open a data connection and how long the connection is open, this application has a night mode, so at night we have set the time of this application will enable all service disable the data connection.
(Caution! This application cause we do not always connected to internet so Push email service! Messagging Push, MMS will not normal as well)

Strongly not recommended!
1. Always Deadly Applications running in background with task killer task or Andvance Killer or the like.
Reason: System is a system in an intelligent android, he knows now where he needs a ram or not, if he needs a ram then he will automatically close the application that it is no longer needed.
Applications close by force (task killer) will only burden the CPU and ram when the application was re-ignited. This will actually make the batteries run out quickly.
*That is the underlying why no exit / close on most android apps.

Arguably still!
1. CPU Throttling or lowering the Processor Clock Speed.
usually with Set CPU install (root) Until now drop clock speed of the processor is still debated in forum
android forum whether it is effective or not, there are some who regard This way can save battery life even say there are some applications
This kind of useless and even make the batteries run out quickly.

Reasons that support:
- By lowering the clock speed automatic electric energy which flows into proci will be smaller. - Moreover, when we do not currently require large proci, for example, when the screen is off or in the middle of the night we were sleeping. at the time of course we're not taking phone so what's the clock speed of 1 GHz?

Reject reason:
- Android is an intelligent platform, and since the emergence of enclair (2.1) has the ability to management proci android, ram, battery etc. better. HP shall not be used at the time, android will automatically lowers its energy into proci.
- The application always sets CPU continuously monitors the current to proci assessed instead will take a lot of batteries end up saving but instead will increasingly be wasteful.
- Why should we buy an expensive android 1 ghz or dual core but at the we end up even lower ability.

- Tips and tricks above may be some who will least interfere comfort in the use of the Andro, so it is good we are also able to management our needs in the use of this Android.

- Tricks lasting battery for up to two weeks! - Fully charger, power off, then do not ever turn up to two weeks! 

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